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Assisting you in pain management

Helping you find relief from aches and pain

Overcoming special needs

As pain management pharmacists, Apothecary Pharmacy aims to increase compliance in pain therapy. We do this by providing you with many specialized dosage forms so you can find the right one for you. With these specialized dosage forms, we can treat pains in ways that are not commonly available.


Apothecary Pharmacy is able to compound medicine for those who have special needs. We can help you if you are not able to swallow drugs or have low muscle mass, which doesn't allow you to use injectable medications. We'll work with you to manage your pain in the best way possible.

Let us help you overcome your special needs by exploring our many options for compounding pain medication. We have suspensions, topical gels for quick relief, troches for fast absorption in the cheek, transdermal patches, sublingual drops, creams for local treatment of pain, sustained release capsules, and suppositories.


We want to help make you as comfortable as possible, so feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns.

Get in touch with our specialized pharmacists to discuss any of your concerns regarding your pain medication or management.


Get in touch with our pharmacy to have your pain medication compounded.