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Various medication preparation forms

We'll compound your medication to your preference

Other dosage forms

When it comes to medication, people have different preferences for how they take them, especially if they're sensitive to the application methods. At Apothecary Pharmacy, with our compounding services, we can give you the medication forms you desire.


We can prepare your medications as capsules, in either regular or gradual absorption forms. We can also provide you with creams that can be applied topically, rectally, vaginally, or other ways.


We can also do dental, geriatric, pediatric, veterinary, and herbal formulations.

Our pharmacy provides a large range of remedies. Find enemas, gels (topical, oral, transdermal), ointments, physical therapy formulations, suppositories (rectal, vaginal, urethral), suspensions, syrups (pain cocktails, cough syrups, or other), and troches (anti-fungicidal, anti-smoking, hormonal, or other).


Our pharmacists can also do lip balms (anesthetic, sunscreen, antiviral, or other), lotions, mouthwashes, popsicles, and powders.

Apothecary Pharmacy is open 6 days a week with long hours so you can get your prescription filled at your convenience. Don't wait!


Find a vast selection of homeopathic products here at our pharmacy!